Looking back through the years….

Cryptic Vision – Progressive Rock. Tim Keese, Howard Helm, Todd, Rick Duncan, Sam Conable, 2005-2012

The Chet McCracken Band – Doobie Hits. Chris Pinnick (former guitarist of Chicago), Billy Martin, Allen Carman, Chet (Doobie Brothers) and Todd. Managed by the notorious Paul Curcio, 2001

Originally called “Shogren, McCracken & Bumpus” – Cornelius Bumpus (Doobies, Steely Dan), Dave Shogren (Doobies), Arch Muise, Billy Martin, Kenny Suarez, Earl Cosmo, Todd, Chet McCracken (Doobies). 1999

Millenium (formerly Eyewitness) – Euro style melodic rock, 1992-1999

Eyewitness – Melodic Rock. Ralph Santolla, Oliver Hansen, Steve Hodson and Todd. This is a Japanese advertisement for the debut CD release.

Eyewitness – Live at Tampa’s infamous Rock-It Club in 1992.

Vieira Terra – Rock, 1991

Todd Grubbs’ Universe – Rock, 1990

Thunder – Metal, 1989

Pleazure Victim – Hard Rock 1988

Random Access, later renamed Sheer Khan – Top 40, 1987

Zion – Progressive Christian Rock, opening for Styper, first arena gig! 1985

Warfare (featuring Billy Revival) – Christian Rock, 1984

Scymitar – Christian Rock, 1983

Rampage – US Navy Seabees’ finest rock band, doing Zappa’s “Titties ‘n Beer” in 1981

Backstage – Country & Southern Rock, Navy band, 1980

Contraband – Yet another Navy Rock band, 1979

Pete’s Garage – at home on leave, 1979
Alan “Onaje Gumbz” Williams, Richard Hickman (RIP), Todd, Pete Clairmont and Mark French

Beach Week Jam at the Casa Chica, 1976
Victor Martin, Todd, Alan Williams, The late-great Richard Hickman